Episode 31: Ben Tolman

we talked to Ben about the police chasing him across the country after he ran away from his Mormon parents and confiscating all of his art and we also talk about that art and also about bureaucracy and Washington DC and construction and The Kafkaesque

Episode 30: Jocelyn Hobbie

We talk to Jocelyn Hobbie about how pointless it is to talk about art, about medieval illumination, and egg tempera, about whether girls would hang out with you or whether they’re actually made of paint, about fabric patterns, about process, about whether there’s an art world or not and about Holly Hobbie

Episode 29: Gary Taxali

We talk to Gary Taxali about the optimistic era of corporate mascots, disturbing santas, irony, whether or not money can be funny, working for cigarette companies and the Canadian government and Aimee Mann and christian rock bands, using drawing to attract girls and repel bullies, sausages with faces, toys, Bollywood and more

Episode 28: Anuradha Vikram

We talk to writer-curator Anuradha Vikram about Claes Oldenburg, Carolee Schneeman, Sesame Street at the Temple of Dendur, sexism in midcentury art, Lee Krasner, Minimalism, Mike Kelley, Nam Jun Paik, the recent Whitney Biennial, running an art space, what makes a good show and curator-as-art-mom.


Episode 27: Gronk

Gronk talks to us about B-movies, being inspired by a coffee table, the well-dressed women who determined the course of his life, Max Beckmann, making theatre sets, the Asco art collective and their non-movies and tape-murals, decades living in downtown LA with 'the elite of the maladjusted' and much more

Episode 26: Aaron Johnson

We have far too much fun talking to Aaron Johnson about James Ensor, Garbage Pail Kids, deplorables, preparing disgusting slides and housesitting on the palazzo in Honduras, Trump-era art, pizza, turduckens, abstraction, expressionism, satire and, of course, socks.

Episode: 25 Mike Giant

Mike Giant talks to us about Americana, graffitti, and running from the police, and advises us all to do drugs, meditate, and shoot guns.

Episode 24: Peter Shire

Peter Shire is a artist and designer whose public projects and furniture defined the look of the modern west coast. We visit Peter's funhouse studio to talk about being an artist and a businessman, cliche art interview questions, primary colors, how many assistants you can have before one is a disaster, the Bauhaus, deco, collaboration and giving to the customer any size they want.

Episode 23: Melissa Brown (apologies for the abnormal sound quality)

We talk to Melissa Brown about abstraction, beauty, chaos, Vegas, chance, printmaking vs painting, preserving moments in time, color choices and rear view mirrors.

Episode 22: James Jean

In our longest episode to date we talk to James Jean about assimilation, the paintings nobody buys, how Zak and James both painted Sasha Grey, death awareness, social media, legitimacy and competitiveness, illustration vs fine art and the crossover of the two, illustrating nothing, NGOs hiring you to make sex rabbits, comics, vintage illustrators, Kuniyoshi, and never doing the decisive moment, plus we ask James which of his art friends is crazier: Takashi Murakami or David Choe?

Episode 21: Jonathan Ehrenberg

Jon Ehrenberg creates otherworldly videos with a side of deadpan humor. We talk about  how that sensibility formed, how the work gets made, and how it relates to Jon's old day job in animation.

Episode 20: Robyn O'Neil

We visit Robyn's studio to talk about death, artists as represented in 1980s sitcoms, Romanticism, ugliness, making art in Hollywood, Howard Stern, being Werner Herzog's student, poetry, and everything else.

Episode 19: Rona Pondick

We talked to Rona Pondick about Egyptian art, having ideas and not having ideas, how people are just animals, how long it takes Rona to make a sculpture, death, process and scary teeth.

Episode 18: Jen Ray

Jen Ray puts together stylishly feminist drawings and performance pieces of amazon women using fantastic imagery drawn from rock's trippy and fantastic side. We talk about drawing, music, politics and the seedy side of childhood.

Episode 17: Al Jaffee

Al Jaffee has quite literaly been making cartoons longer than any artist in history. Unfortunately for everyone involved, he works at Mad Magazine.




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Episode 16: Sean McCarthy

Sean McCarthy makes deliriously detailed drawings of anxious monsters. We talk about the monsters, the grotesque in general and being a weirdo artist from Cormac McCarthy's Texas.



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Episode 15: Drew Heitzler

Drew Heitzler is a conceptual artist and occasional curator who works in a variety of media. We talk about how you represent a train of thought, what's harder: making art or curating it?, working at CBGBs, being a dirtbag, the town of Goose Creek, Thomas Pynchon, Los Angeles as an art subject, philosophy, art fairs, owning a bar, and octopuses.

Episode 14: Valerie Hegarty

Valerie Hegarty's sculptures show nature reclaiming art. and history and often get mistaken for actual decay. One piece is attacked by a woodpecker, another harpooned, another one has an an idea she totally stole from her Dad. We talk about experiment, craft and being a consummate wiseass.

Nicholas Di Genova

Nicholas Di Genova (aka medium) is a painter, sculptor and street artist who makes art about mutant monsters. We talk about all that plus ecology, scale, his urban and rural phases, plus the worst dentist in history and more.