Episode 40: Reine Paradis

Reine Paradis produces quirkily utopian photographs of a world seemingly painted into being in bright bold strokes that belie the complexity, labor and danger involved in creating them. We talk about where these glossy images of a folded, flattened world come from--and how she almost dies in the process. Check out the trailer for her upcoming documentary "Queen of Paradis" out in 2019

Episode 39: Young Joon Kwak

we talked Young Joon Kwak about trauma, sculpture, William Burroughs the X Men, being a punk being trans, growing up in a conservative household, the healing power of literature, and being a massive slut...with color. (featuring music clips of Young Joon's band Xina Xurner)

We Eat Castanier Gallery

For Patreon Subscribers: Five artists at once!! Zak hosts an artist panel discussion in Culver City at the Castanier Gallery where he had a group exhibition with Claire Collette, Adam Beris, Kenton Parker, and Patrick Martinez.
The exhibition was curated by past podcast guest Andrew Schoultz.
Lagunitas Pilsner was served, tongues were loosened, and there were great audience questions.
The color yellow gets a very thorough consideration, as does the city of Los Angeles.

Episode 38: Jim Shaw

We talk to Jim Shaw about melting face masks, weirdness, thrift store paintings, Oism, meaning and secrecy, being in a two-artist household, assistants, Destroy All Monsters, second jobs for artists and more.

Episode 37: Amanda Schmitt

We talked with Amanda about the exact moment she decided she couldn't be an artist, whether or not she likes to enjoy life, erotic uses for spreadsheets, video art, Makunaima, how exactly you become an independent curator, and the difference between doing it right and doing it wrong.

Episode 36: Deborah Roberts

We got to talk to rising star Deborah Roberts in maybe? her first long interview about process, the world through the eyes of little girls, Tanner and Normal Rockwell, getting called "African", being fierce, hungry collectors, Roland Barthes as the Beastie Boys of critical theory, how Skechers just needs to stop making shoes, Good Times and Rudolph, the boy in grade-school she became an artist to impress

Episode 35: Zak Smith

Zak Smith, our host, gets spoken with, to mark his show at Fredericks and Freiser gallery this month. Friend of the show Sean McCarthy joins John to interview Zak about brush hair, punk and fine art, porn and fine art, being a seasoned art school attendee, drawings that don’t make the cut, why painting is impressive, using your art to tell other people’s stories, the reality of desire, Suicide Girls, pizza, and why Los Angeles is Viennese modernism and New York is an open secret.

We Eat a Live Recording Event

We are taping the show live tomorrow, May 19th, at Beyond Baroque in Venice Beach California! Audience members get a chance to stump us with pieces the hosts will have to analyze on the spot. Come by at 1pm, and bring ideas for art works from before 1950. It's FREE. This event was created by Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND), and is part of their Frame Rate series. nomadicdivision.org/exhibition/frame-rate/

Episode 34: Ron Athey presented by Artillery Magazine

we talk to Ron Athey about growing up with weird religion, having sex in the 1970s, having aids in the 1980s, being used as a pawn in the NEA Culture wars, the early West coast punk rock/ industrial performance circuit, The pre-lapsarian Los Angeles tattoo/body mod scene, being banned in the USA being received in Europe collaborating with classical musicians, blood and death, sanctity in mortification, politics, subculture, grant money, generation gaps, and trying to keep your art out of the hands of music video directors

Episode 33: Andrew Schoultz

We talked with Andrew Schoultz about his physical and political relationships with cities, staying out of trouble by skateboarding, getting in to trouble with graffiti, going political in jail, making street art that exposes architecture, reasons why people make maps, juggling between galleries and streets, using the American flag, painting an entire airplane and more.

We Eat Zak Smith's 1001 Nights

Our sonic invitation to the art opening of the century. It's not just a promo teaser, it's an audio adventure. Zak has an opening today (April 19th) at Fredericks and Freiser gallery in NY. It'll be up for a month. Don't miss it!

We Eat Artillery Magazine

Hey kids, We Eat Art has a new partner--
Artillery magazine is going to be sponsoring some of our episodes. Here's a promo that goes in to more detail

Episode 32: Glen E Friedman

We talk to Glen E. Friedman about photographing skaters, punks and rappers, how to photograph character, the point of wide-angle lenses, working together with the subject to get the perfect picture, how he decided to stop photographing guns, collaborating, mythmaking, politics, and contemporary art. Plus Ice T as art-director, the Beastie Boys learning from Glen, photographs of Jay Adams 40 years apart, King T's wraparound shotgun cover, Shepard Fairey as collaborator, Noam Chomsky and Pussy Riot posing for photos and more.

We Eat Black Panther on Patreon (sneak preview)

We talked with artist and “Black Pulp” curator Mark Thomas Gibson and  vintage Marvel expert Jeff Lester to find out everything you ever wanted  to know about the comic books that contributed to Black Panther movie  but were afraid to ask. we also cover Afro futurism,  problems of representation, Octavia Butler, Ta-Nehisi Coates, The  difficulties of making art under capitalism, Some beautiful drawings  and, hopefully, recommend some comics you might wanna read. Become a Patron, you get this episode, and you help us keep making them. Thanks!

Episode 31: Ben Tolman

we talked to Ben about the police chasing him across the country after he ran away from his Mormon parents and confiscating all of his art and we also talk about that art and also about bureaucracy and Washington DC and construction and The Kafkaesque

Episode 30: Jocelyn Hobbie

We talk to Jocelyn Hobbie about how pointless it is to talk about art, about medieval illumination, and egg tempera, about whether girls would hang out with you or whether they’re actually made of paint, about fabric patterns, about process, about whether there’s an art world or not and about Holly Hobbie

Episode 29: Gary Taxali

We talk to Gary Taxali about the optimistic era of corporate mascots, disturbing santas, irony, whether or not money can be funny, working for cigarette companies and the Canadian government and Aimee Mann and christian rock bands, using drawing to attract girls and repel bullies, sausages with faces, toys, Bollywood and more

Episode 28: Anuradha Vikram

We talk to writer-curator Anuradha Vikram about Claes Oldenburg, Carolee Schneeman, Sesame Street at the Temple of Dendur, sexism in midcentury art, Lee Krasner, Minimalism, Mike Kelley, Nam Jun Paik, the recent Whitney Biennial, running an art space, what makes a good show and curator-as-art-mom.


Episode 27: Gronk

Gronk talks to us about B-movies, being inspired by a coffee table, the well-dressed women who determined the course of his life, Max Beckmann, making theatre sets, the Asco art collective and their non-movies and tape-murals, decades living in downtown LA with 'the elite of the maladjusted' and much more

Episode 26: Aaron Johnson

We have far too much fun talking to Aaron Johnson about James Ensor, Garbage Pail Kids, deplorables, preparing disgusting slides and housesitting on the palazzo in Honduras, Trump-era art, pizza, turduckens, abstraction, expressionism, satire and, of course, socks.