Episode 7: Ted Mineo

Ted Mineo makes objects that shouldn't exist--mixtures of lurid color and uncanny texture. We talk about a lot of things, including how they relate to fibrelglass New Orleans restaurant food ad sculptures.

Episode 6: Mark Thomas Gibson

Mark Thomas Gibson makes powerfully graphic paintings oozing with poetic weirdness. We talked all about that, plus how Mark's depiction of himself as a werewolf relates to the way the world sees race and the genesis of a show he helped curate featuring contemporary black fine artists side-by-side with black comics artists.


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Artists discussed in this episode:

Episode 5: Mary Reid Kelly

Mary Reid Kelley has just been officially declared a genius by the MacArthur foundation. We talked to her about her densely allusive videos that refer to classical mythology and literature and freak everyone out plus puns, the nature of collaboration, racism as original sin, the minotaur as house-proud, church volleyball as a theater of toxic masculinity, funny-scary, AC Swinburne and Slayer as terminal artists, how Ophelia can't even, crying to your art dealer and much more.

Episode 4: Raymond Pettibon

Raymond Pettibon is known for the pulpy intensity of his ink drawings and the cryptic text that accompanies them. Nowadays he shows in museums and galleries all over the world, but when he started he was just a guy who was studying economics and drew some album covers for his brother who was in a band called Black Flag. We talk about all of that--plus weird brushes.

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Raymond's Studio


Artists discussed in this episode.

Episode 3: Carolina Miranda

Carolina Miranda is an art editor and art writer at the LA Times. We talked about how she ended up doing that and what that's like, plus garages, being a fox in a world of hedgehoggy writers, dick jokes, recording the shitshow of art for humanity and more...

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Artists discussed in this episode:

Episode 2: Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper makes wonderfully detailed microcosmic abstractions that start with painting and drawing and then go where they need to from there. She got like a Guggenheim grant and a 10-year retrospective at the Cleveland MOCA and is generally a badass. We talk about painting, dancing, music, frustration, tiny worlds and other things.


Episode 1: Gary Panter

Gary Panter is a manic expressionist painter, draftsman and underground comic artist. He's the author of the surrealistic Jimbo, had work in the seminal 80s alternacomic zine RAW and, yeah, also did the set designs for Pee Wee's Playhouse. We talked about comics, meeting Jack Kirby, psychedelic light shows, making paintings versus making comics and a lot more.